All That I need

Sleepless nights, clouds an individuals mind,
Thoughts, emotions, resembling a chemical reaction,
Whether the reaction is positive or negative,
The fact remains, the heart beats the same.
Never has my soul and heart felt so passionate,
So in Love, with life, with beauty, and romance.
My heart, body and soul never waivers,
Always holding you in the highest regard,
The distance makes the heart grow fonder,
A cliche, but truth as I experience the distance daily.
We work hard in life, to be bold for our future,
As painful as it may be, Sometimes we need to be our own teacher,
I have been away from the one I love for too long,
On the road this past year, Missing the moments and memories that complete us,
But my heart has never strayed, my soul still in love,
Our chemistry is uplifting, our love is harmony,
Not a single soul will ever take this beating heart from you,
Whether in this life or the next, it belongs to you.
We have made our commitment, I am a man of my word,
Each passing second, my thoughts distracted by your smile,
With each breath, My passion grows deeper,
With every ounce of my being, I give it all to you,
A hopeless romantic,
Always looking for thoughts of magic,
This may be hard for such simple souls,
We crave attention, cannot balance our emotions,
It is normal to feel, it is what makes us human,
We only live once, Grasp at every opportunity of life and to be loved,
Allow ourselves to feel, and to truly go for what our heart desires,
What have we truly got to lose?
Do not be ashamed of who you are,
Just as I am not ashamed of my love for my special one,
I miss you my darling,
I miss you my soul,
Rocky roads, lonely night, the bumps will attempt to derail us,
Believe in yourself, Believe in your companion,
Because in the end,
All that you are,
Is all I will truly,
Ever Need.

– Vartevar Sarkissian



Daylight passed several hours ago,
The hour is late,
Yet the day moves ever so slow,
Wake me from this dream,
Lift my soul with that audible tune,
Pierce my ears with the soothing tales,
Absence has not gone unnoticed,
The body anticipates the warmth to come,
Idealistically an outcome of great stature,
To fulfill the belief that lingers,
As strong as an intellect it can be,
A lapse in prosperity can bring forth the kingdoms.
A patient smile idles ever so patiently,
Belief will keep this heart beating.


– Vartevar Sarkissian


Not To Be Wasted

Not to be Wasted

Throw me in the sea,

Bottle me up and watch me wash away,

So easily discarded consistently,

An answer to the madness?

Think not, fate plays its evil games,

Remind a heart to avoid being vulnerable,

So twisted and haunted a figure could be,

Do not bring hope down,

Everything has a purpose,

Use the pain to push on forward,

As consistent as it seems,

Mother Earth has her reasons,

As unfair as the world can be,

It tries to teach us a lesson.

It’s about time we take our step in the right direction,

No more looking back at false hopes and dreams,

No more sitting and expecting something to happen,

It’s in your soul to bring forth happiness,

Do not lower your guard but be shielded,

Rats they’ll try to chew away at you,

Remove half your eggs from a basket,

Commit them to you, and only you,  

Do not be selfish,

Do not be fooled,

Do not praise a deluded soul,

Raise head up to the skies,

And look beyond the walls that stand in front of you.

– Vartevar Sarkissian

A Battle Worth Fighting

A Battle worth fighting

The winter air fills lungs,
Snowflakes land ever so gently on the window sill,
Below zero on the outside,
Insides warm as the day sun,
Lost in a reverie,
Mind in a trance,
Daydreaming never ends,
Smiling ever so endlessly,
Each passing step with a bounce,
Nature’s greatest endowment,
Never forfeiting the beating drum,
Marching forwards derailment avoided,
Alluring sight of an ethereal soul,
Sunsets and Sunrise come and go,
Branches bind and grow so bold,
See deep within the fortress walls,
The beauty lies deep, intertwined and strong,
A presence lifts a buried chest,
A battle worth fighting, no quit, no impossible test.

– Vartevar Sarkissian




A battle takes place within my soul,

The rattling of the bones, they shake and roar,

The blood rush deep within my veins they splash,

The cloud it fills my mind with clash.

Never has the heart yearned for more,

A Tired eagle, just ready to soar.

Time moves by, the days they age,

No matter the speed, there turns the page.

So much to give, so much to offer,

The brick wall it builds, the ground does not get softer.

Heads they rise, refuse feeble spirits,

Continue to give, Do not dampen your will,

Obstacles come and go as they choose,

Risk it all, if you don’t you will lose,

The worse we endure is the moody blues,

You’re special, Don’t change it,

Recognition will be yours soon…


– Vartevar Sarkissian



What Do I Do?

WHAT DO I DO?  By: Vartevar Sarkissian

As I sat relaxed and composed waiting for you,

I did not intend what was to occur,

Beauty in my eyes corrupting me for years,

Constant distraction to hide away my fears,

Rejection of course haunted me daily,

Abandoning mandatory routine to humour me,

The scent of a Celestial being so appealing and drawing,

Eyes malfunction at the sight of a promised prize,

Share An embrace magnetized by desires,

Caressing a soul so pure and innocent,

Til’ this day the affection inside builds strong,

Wake from a dream so promising and true,

The words from your mouth so piercing and true,

Do I fight or resist desires?

Or do I close the chapter hoping regret fills the void,

Confidence strengthen motivation pulsating,

This will make one stronger, no desire to be moping,

My new adventure begins at the stroke of 12,

Will I linger on abandoned and devestated journey? Time will tell.

Hope to the powers equilibrium swells,

At the thoughts of our loss, this love can’t be cloned.

can’t be cloned.

Awake (Something To think about…)


By: Vartevar Sarkissian


” Before we get to my latest piece, please acknowledge. Recently I have been feeling a lot more than usual, I’ve decided that it’s time I share those feelings, and not be ashamed no more. Whether they’re obvious, or hurtful, to somebody else, they are my feelings, my motivation, my movement to get me further. You must find your own path, I am willing to guide and help, but if you reject me, and do not allow me in, At least allow your heart, to guide you. Far too long people put themselves down, lower themselves, Settle for the abuse. Enough, WAKE UP! Awake you shall be, go with your heart, and do not bury yourself in a hole. We all deserve to live, be happy my friends; gratitude – Vartevar Sarkissian”

Awake, my eyes, they open at the sight of mystery, 

Awake, my thoughts, do they deceive me purposely? 

Awake, my heart, it’s beating harder than before, 

Awake, my soul, it’s reaching out for more, 

Awake, is my mind, my conscious grows deep, 

Awake, my desires, no longer are they your treat,  

Awake, my Love, has been tested for far too long, 

Awake, My skin, feeling every speck of dust,

Awake, My hands, Looking for the touch of your skin,

Awake, My feet, they’re lost in oblivion,  

Awake, I’ve been, Knowing what I want, 

A sleep, your heart, You don’t know,, but you’ve lost the one you’ve sought. 





Distorted by: Vartevar Sarkissian


A unique soul within a figure, 

Dropping the walls to allow oneself in, 

take advantage of those that continue to give, 

maturity claimed doesn’t mean that it’s earned, 

hesitant admiration offending the opposed, 

Claiming growth and understanding one’s knowledge, 

showcasing anger and denial of criticism, 

Not thinking before speaking hurting the ones who care, 

Remember when assistance was needed who was really there,

The soul pours out its heart, not for it to be squashed, 

Too late now its wounded, within the womb it shall rot. 

It may not be to late to mend such troubled pasts, 

Don’t blame the accuser, the mirror reflects the true answer. 

Free Bird

Running, and Running a total dead end,

Ambigous ending’s and lies they all said,

Motivating souls too far they have gone,

Rubber is turned good intentions offend,

Never have I met such a deluded fool,

Who’ll find themselves laying in their own bloodied pool,

Selfish desires and thoughts I intend,

Intenions are blackened by emotions defense.

A waste of breath, a ravaged soul,

a free bird it soars, and a free bird it Roars.

-Vartevar Sarkissian